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Hostile Work Environment

Southern California Sexual Harassment Attorneys

No one needs to put up with a sexually hostile workplace. If you are the victim of gender-based harassment at work, you may be entitled to compensation, policy changes, and other remedies under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. For years, the legal team at Harris Grombchevsky LLP has represented clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas who have been taken advantage of by other people in the workplace. We are ready to fight for you and urge you to schedule a complimentary and confidential case evaluation with a Southern California sexual harassment attorney at the firm as soon as possible.

Hostile Work Environment Behaviors

If the behavior is isolated or one-time in nature, it may not constitute sexual harassment and it may not rise to a level to create a hostile work environment. However, if the behavior is repeated or is pervasive enough, we may be able to develop a case against your employer. You may also have a case if your employer retaliates against you after you complained of such a work environment

Our law firm has successfully represented clients alleging offensive sexual behavior that creates a hostile work environment, such as:

  • Visual behavior - This can include making sexual gestures or displaying sexually explicit or offensive images, such as pornography in the workplace.
  • Verbal behavior - This can include offensive comments of a sexual nature, jokes, epithet, slurs, verbal abuse, graphic comments about someone's body parts, or describing someone using sexually degrading words.
  • Physical behavior This can include inappropriately touching someone, forcing someone to touch a co-worker in a sexual fashion, assaulting someone or unwanted sexual advances.

No one needs to put up with a hostile work environment. A Southern California sexual harassment lawyer at our firm may handle hostile work environment cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not have to pay any legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation from your employer. Compensation may include back pay, front pay, policy changes, actual damages, damages for emotional distress, attorney fees, and punitive damages.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment is one where unwelcome conduct that is either sexual or gender-based is severe or pervasive to the point where it creates an abusive environment. In instances where an offensive remark or action occurs once and is not repeated, where someone makes an offhand remark, teases, or engages in occasional rude behavior, a case for a hostile work environment cannot be made. This includes relatively trivial and isolated instances of unacceptable behavior. To prove a hostile work environment, it will be necessary to show that the actions from the offender were abusive and pervasive.

In a hostile work environment, the offensive or discriminatory behavior will be frequent, severe, may be physically threatening or humiliating, may have interfered with the victim's ability to perform at work, and may have had a negative effect on his or her psychological state. Another important factor which would be considered by the courts in deciding this matter is if the harassing behavior came from a superior in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment in a Hostile Work Environment

Specific behavior that makes for a hostile work environment include such actions as offensive remarks about how someone looks, comments about bodies and body parts, inappropriate touching, groping, sexist remarks, discussions about sexual activity, sexually suggestive posters, pictures, displays, emails, or phone calls, derogatory comments about one's gender, sexually explicit jokes, repeated unwanted sexual advances, or long patterns of ridicule or degrading remarks about one's gender. All of this type of behavior must be abusive and repetitive.

Consult with a Southern California Sexual Harassment Attorney

If you need legal guidance concerning whether or not you have been subjected to a hostile work environment, you should contact the firm to schedule a consultation with a Southern California sexual harassment lawyer. Our firm has helped thousands of clients throughout the region who have been faced with sexual harassment and other employment law issues. We have a solid track record in effectively representing clients in sexual harassment cases from Orange County to Los Angeles to Riverside and the surrounding areas.

Contact a Southern California sexual harassment attorney if you believe you have had to work in a hostile work environment.

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