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Due to the inherent complications of the California legal system, claims and cases of all sorts require the attention and experience of a team of attorneys with unique skills and unrivaled familiarity with litigation. At Harris Grombchevsky LLP, we have successfully fought and won numerous cases for our Southern California clients throughout the years. Not only do we understand the law but we also understand the importance of upholding your rights.

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Insurance Law Attorneys with Unparalleled Ability

More than 90 years ago, our firm was started as an insurance defense firm, which has given us powerful insights into how businesses, insurers, and large corporations contest claims in court. There are no tactics or strategies they can use to surprise us, allowing us to defend your rights in even the most complex and high-end legal matters. Whether you are afraid your insurance provider is acting out of bad faith or providing less insurance coverage than you feel you are entitled, you can depend on our Southern California insurance law attorneys to represent you and press for a settlement that benefits you.

If you would like to start working with a law firm that keeps your best interests at the center of everything they do, request a free consultation with one of our attorneys today.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Cannot Be Tolerated

The unfortunate reality is that nearly all sexual harassment cases originate from the workplace. If you have told your employer about the uncomfortable situation you are being subjected to by the unwelcome advances of a coworker and the problems continue, you need to take legal action right away. We can help you understand your rights and ensure they are protected while you are on-the-job. No matter the details surrounding your sexual harassment claims, you can have confidence that our team will know how to handle them.

Contact our team of Southern California sexual harassment attorneys if you have been victimized by form of harassment or discrimination, including:

Fight Back with a Knowledgeable Employment Law Attorney

Workers in all fields of employment are protected by extensive employment laws and regulations. When your boss or supervisor violates those rules through illegitimate practices or unjust treatment, you might be worried that there is nothing that you can do. In order to right the wrongs without fear of unfair retaliation, you need to speak to a professional employment law lawyer from Harris Grombchevsky LLP today. We understand that employers all over Southern California look for loopholes and illegalities to try to save a dollar on the bottom line. From wrongful termination and whistleblower claims to cases involving discrimination or wage and hour disputes, we can face those who have wronged you head-on and defend your rights to the very end.

To speak to an experienced Southern California employment law attorney, contact our firm today: (888) 427-8064.

You Deserve Fair Settlements and Financial Compensation

In our 90 years of serving the people of Southern California, we have learned that personal injury cases can negatively affect them the most. Not only can recovery cause lingering pain and trauma but it can also drain your bank accounts as you pay for expensive medical bills and lose wages from missed work shifts. We believe that no one should have to worry about losing it all due to an injury that another negligent party has caused.

It is our mission to represent the wrongfully wounded whenever and however they need us, and so we have become familiarized with various types of personal injury cases, including:

In addition to recovering monies for our clients who have suffered personal injuries, we also take pride in resolving civil litigation claims. While many of these cases involve disagreements over relatively small dollar amounts, some can actually originate from serious business and contract disputes. If you are looking for a fair settlement to end your civil dispute, schedule a free case evaluation with one of our Southern California civil litigation attorneys today.

Contact a Southern California Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Harris Grombchevsky LLP is one of the original, most renowned law firms in all of Southern California. When you retain a professional attorney from our team, your case will be handled delicately and closely examined for any and all relevant evidence. By working closely with you and keeping you informed about all pertinent developments, we hope to give you a solid comprehension of your rights and legal options.

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