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Unwanted Physical Contact

Sexual Harassment Attorney in Southern California

It can be very demoralizing and frightening when you are subjected to sexual harassment while at work. You have the expectation that you can be at work and do your job in a safe environment.

When someone is behaving towards you in an unwelcome manner, verbally or physically, you may be the victim of sexual harassment. If this person is physically touching you and you don't want it, you need to fight back.

Contact a Southern California sexual harassment attorney at Harris Grombchevsky LLP if you are experiencing unwanted physical contact at work. We dedicate ourselves to righting this injustice and pursuing fair compensation for every client we represent. Our firm has been representing individuals who have been victims of harassment in the workplace for many years. Our many testimonials speak for themselves with regard to our commitment to every client.

Sexual harassment can occur in many forms. One is unwanted physical contact. This could happen in the most seemingly innocent manner or be overt. The key to the matter is that you did not welcome the behavior and you did not invite it. If you feel that a pat on the back is offensive, then you should tell the person you do not like it and to stop. If it continues, you may have a case. Physical contact can be more than a pat on the back; it can be any type of touching, grabbing, patting, stroking, rubbing, massaging, physical assault, coerced sexual activity, or rape.

Unwanted Physical Contact: You Have Rights.

You should definitely report any unwanted physical contact to the human resources department or whoever is the proper person. You should also contact our firm, particularly if the harassment continues in spite of your efforts to stop it, or if the physical contact was of such a severe nature, such as rape or assault. You do not have to put up with any type of unwanted physical contact. Your job and your future are important, and you have rights.

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