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Unwanted Sexual Advances

Southern California Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Has your employer threatened to terminate you unless you provide sexual favors?

Such behavior is prohibited by law and no one needs to tolerate unwanted sexual advances at work. If you have been the victim of unwanted sexual advances on the job anywhere in the Southern California region, a Southern California sexual harassment lawyer at Harris Grombchevsky LLP can protect your dignity as well as your career. We strongly advise you to contact our offices to arrange a free case evaluation and, in many instances, a free initial consultation about your situation.

85 Years of Experience Protecting Clients

For years, our firm has successfully represented clients in complex litigation, including employment law cases involving unwanted sexual advances. Each Southern California sexual harassment attorney at our firm has an in-depth understanding of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

We have represented hundreds of clients throughout the region who were victims of this type of behavior, such as:

  • Inappropriately touching someone or making sexual innuendos
  • Promises to continue employment in exchange for sex
  • Offers for special benefits or a promotion in exchange for sex, also known as quid pro quo
  • Threats to fire or demote someone unless they provide sexual favors

Is it only asking for a date, or is it harassment?

A one-time request for a date would not qualify as sexual harassment. However, if the request for sexual favors has been repeated, a Southern California sexual harassment lawyer at our law firm can work to develop a case against your employer. You may also have a case if your employer takes adverse action against you after you complained about unwelcomed sexual advances.

We are dedicated to helping you obtain as much compensation as possible. The attorneys at our law firm will seek compensation for back pay, front pay, punitive damages, and emotional distress where appropriate.

We build persuasive legal agreements as part of your case against your employer that requires employers to make substantial policy changes so future employees are not victims of sex discrimination and unwanted sexual advances.

Verbal or Written Sexual Advances

If you have been subjected to verbal or written sexual advances at work that are unwelcome, you may have a case of workplace sexual harassment. The key component in this situation is if these advances are unwelcome on your part and more than an isolated or random incident. When unwanted verbal or written sexual advances are repeated or become frequent, they may be considered as sexual harassment.

You should inform the perpetrator of these advances in a clear and prompt manner that you do not want them. You may also find it necessary to inform your employer of the situation, especially in cases where the person you are dealing with refuses to stop his or her actions.

If the verbal or written sexual advances are made by your supervisor or another manager in your organization who has implied or threatened that, if you do not comply, you could lose your job or a promotion or be demoted, or lose some other employment benefit, then you are involved in a case of sexual harassment known as quid pro quo.

Talk to an Experienced Southern California Sexual Harassment Attorney

In any case of sexual harassment in which your employer does not resolve the situation to your satisfaction or where you have been physically or emotionally harmed, you should seek the advice of an attorney who has experience with these types of cases. At Harris Grombchevsky LLP, we have been successfully helping clients throughout Southern California in all types of sexual harassment cases for many decades.

If you have been harassed through unwanted verbal or written sexual advances, you can discuss the facts of your case with a Southern California sexual harassment lawyer at the firm who has the extensive knowledge and experience in these matters that you need. We recommend that you contact the firm to arrange a free, confidential consultation as soon as possible.

Contact a Southern California sexual harassment attorney at the firm if you have been sexually harassed at work through unwanted verbal or written sexual advances.

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