Irvine Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Have You Been Subjected to Workplace Sexual Harassment in Irvine, California?

Sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination have no place in the workplace. California employment law protects employees from these types of misconduct and wrongdoing. If you have been victimized by sexual harassment or other employment law violations in Irvine, we urge you to consult with an Irvine sexual harassment attorney at Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys. We have been successfully representing clients in such civil claims since 1925. Because of our decades of experience in this legal field, our firm has earned a well-respected reputation. Your case will be in the hands of a dedicated legal professional who is thoroughly versed in these types of claims and lawsuits and will work diligently to remedy the wrongs you have suffered through the justice system.

What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Harassing a person because of her/his sex is unlawful according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Such harassment can include, but is not limited to:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Frequent or severe instances of sexual comments or teasing
  • Repeated complimenting of someone’s appearance
  • Asking about an employee’s sex life

Any sexually charged action that can offend an employee, or create a hostile work environment, can be considered sexual harassment. These actions are often grouped in two types.

Quid pro quo – Translated from Latin, this phrase means something for something, or the exchange of goods or services. When applied to sexual harassment, quid pro quo applies to the situation where a supervisor offers a work benefit in exchange for a sexual favor.

Hostile work environment – When an employee faces unwelcome, severe and/or pervasive physical or verbal sexual conduct, it can create an uncomfortable and abuse work environment. 

Whereas quid pro quo harassment can be very obvious, identifying a hostile work environment caused by sexual harassment can be harder. The law does not prohibit offhand comments, teasing, or isolated incidents. However, frequent or severe actions that create an offensive or hostile environment are illegal. If you are having problems determining if the treatment you are receiving is severe enough to constitute harassment, contacting an Irvine sexual harassment lawyer may be the best next step.

What Should Employees Do if They Feel That They Have Been Sexually Harassed?

Sexual harassment is a serious matter that needs to be addressed when it happens. If you feel that you have been the target of sexual harassment, whether you are a woman or a man, you need to contact a sexual harassment lawyer. 

The lawyers at Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys have experience identifying sexual harassment and help those affected. We can help you build a strong case to help remedy the wrongs you have been subjected to. Most importantly, our initial evaluation of your case is both free and confidential.

What If My Employer Retaliates After I File a Sexual Harassment Claim?

Reporting a sexual harassment claim is a protected work action. Any employer that seeks to punish an employee for reporting sexual harassment is violating federal and state law. Our Irvine sexual harassment lawyer can also help with instances of retaliation. Please review our retaliation page for details on what retaliation is, and what you can do if you have been targeted by your employer.

An Irvine sexual harassment lawyer at the firm can represent you in cases of workplace sexual harassment, such as in situations involving unwanted sexual advances, sexual abuse and gender discrimination. We are experienced in helping employees who are experiencing the burden of working in hostile work environments, who have been subjected to wrongful termination and who need legal guidance with severance agreements and layoffs. Because we understand how to properly handle discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wage and hour claims, we are able to provide sound guidance that will help a wronged employee seek justice.

You do not have to suffer alone. We offer a free and confidential case evaluation with an Irvine sexual harassment attorney at our firm, at which point we can inform you of your legal rights and options. If your case merits a claim or lawsuit through the courts, we will use all of our considerable resources and command of employment law to seek a positive case result, including compensation on your behalf.

Contact an Irvine sexual harassment lawyer at the firm for skilled legal counsel in any workplace sexual harassment or discrimination case

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