Irvine Civil Litigation Lawyer

Irvine Civil Litigation Lawyer

Ready to Represent You in Civil Court

When two or more parties become involved in a legal disagreement in order to seek money or legal action, rather than criminal charges, this is considered civil litigation. Civil matters—which can be defined as situations involving relationships between people or businesses—are resolved in civil court. Whether you are interested in filing a civil lawsuit or you have been sued by another party, you need to hire an experienced civil litigator to protect your rights and best interests.

At Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys, our Irvine civil litigation attorneys are committed to helping you navigate the procedures and steps of the legal process and handling all the necessary paperwork. We can thoroughly examine your case, determine whether to take your case to trial or alternative dispute resolution, and help you obtain the most favorable outcome inside or outside the courtroom.

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Common Types of Civil Litigation

A wide range of legal disputes are handled in civil court. In most cases, these cases involve money or property. However, sometimes one party wants action from another party backed by court enforcement.

Our firm handles the following types of civil cases in Irvine, CA:

  • Business and contract disputes – When people or businesses enter a contract, all parties involved are expected to do their part to fulfill their commitments. However, when one party fails to meet their obligations as part of the agreement, this is known as a breach of contract.
  • Construction defects – Builders and contractors in California are responsible for their work. If a homeowner or business owner discovers a construction defect on the property, they can hold the builders and contractors responsible by filing a civil claim.
  • Real estate litigation – Real estate and property law covers various topics, such as buying, selling, leasing, and using residential or commercial property. Common types of real estate and property law disputes deal with land use and zoning issues, establishing boundary lines and property titles, as well as landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Personal injury cases – If you have been injured in an accident because of another party’s negligent actions, you can file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Common types of personal injury cases include auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability, product liability, and wrongful death.
  • Employment matters – If you have been subjected to unlawful or unfair action or practice in the workplace, you can hold your employer accountable in civil court. Common types of employment matters include wrongful termination, hostile work environment, discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to accommodate, wage and hour claims, and unpaid overtime.

Why Should I Hire an Irvine Civil Litigation Attorney?

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you want to know if your case is going to be successful. Not only can a civil litigator do so, he/she can also determine if alternative dispute resolution, mediation, or other out-of-court settlement options are better suited for your case.

If you must take your case to civil court, a civil lawyer can help you throughout the discovery process. Your attorney can create a discovery plan, hire expert witnesses, depose essential witnesses, and file documents with the court on your behalf.

If the other party refuses to settle the case, your lawyer can represent you at trial. Civil attorneys can also draft settlement agreements, appeal a ruling after the trial ends, and explore other civil legal remedies.

If you facing a civil lawsuit in Irvine, CA, contact Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys at (888) 427-8064 and schedule an initial consultation.