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Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment can affect anyone, anywhere. One of the places that many can deal with this issue is in the workplace. You may be looking to go to your job every day to do the best you can but face the constant abuse from a boss, manager or coworker that relentlessly makes inappropriate comments or actions. If you are dealing with this issue do not hesitate to speak to a Riverside sexual harassment lawyer from Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys. We are committed to serving clients in the area, including those in the Riverside community. We can offer our legal assistance in a number of important matters such as wrongful termination, unpaid overtime, unwanted sexual advances and gender discrimination.

Your workplace should provide a safe environment in which you can work as efficiently as possible. When you deal with continual uncomfortable circumstances it can be damaging and make you dread going to a job you once enjoyed. There are laws that have been implemented to protect those who are suffering from sexual harassment and discrimination and the justice system has sought to penalize those that commit the wrongful acts. Our team is vastly knowledgeable in these laws and will use them to your advantage. You should not have to suffer from the mistreatment of another, and an attorney from our firm will fight to ensure you don't.

Representation in Riverside, CA

If you live in the Riverside area there are steps that you can take that may not only alleviate you from the problem of harassment or discrimination, but may gain you compensation for an issue regarding to it. A member from our team is also able to assist in wage and hour claims, retaliation claims, sexual abuse and other areas of employment law. No one should have to suffer from unwanted advances or discrimination, especially when they have already made their disapproval known. The effects can be substantial and should be dealt with immediately. Many people turn to their company to handle the issue but it is not always dealt with in a satisfactory way.

Our firm has been assisting clients in issues of severance agreements and law-offs, employer duty to accommodate medical conditions, hostile work environments and more since 1925. We go above and beyond to review the cases of our clients, learn their goals and do our best at implementing actions that can help obtain them. You need a defender who can protect you from being taken advantage of by an employer or other individual.

If you have been unfairly or inappropriately treated at your place of employment, contact a Riverside sexual harassment attorney from the firm to handle your case.