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With many Americans spending 40 or more hours a week on the job, the workplace can be like a second home. When a crude or unlawful act such as sexual harassment occurs, it can place individuals under enormous stress. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, talk to our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys in a confidential consultation. At Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys, we can help you in taking action against those responsible so you can begin to move on with your career and your life.

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What to Do if You Have Experienced Harassment

Anyone can be the victim of sexual harassment and if a worker becomes the target of unwanted sexual attention, it is important to take action. Make sure a harasser has been clearly told that their behavior is unwelcome and inform your employer of the situation. If the inappropriate behavior continues, contact our firm and tell us about your situation. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated in the workplace and our Los Angeles employment law attorneys can help you to understand and protect your rights.

There are situations where employees may fear potential negative repercussions of reporting harassment or filing a claim. This fear can be greatly exacerbated when a direct manager or supervisor is involved in the harassment. We understand that when you feel as though there may be a threat to your livelihood, it can be difficult to know what to do, who you can talk to, or where you can go for help. However, it is illegal for employers to engage in retaliatory actions against workers for reporting a violation of employment law such as sexual harassment. If you have any questions about what your options are, we are here to help.

Attorneys Helping Victims of Sexual Harassment

At Sexual Harassment Employment Attorneys, we are dedicated to supporting and protecting victims of sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination across Los Angeles and Southern California. Harassment of any kind can be emotionally and legally complex, but you do not have to navigate these issues on your own. Our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys have decades of legal experience and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our past clients. To read more about employment law and harassment, read our sexual harassment information center.

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