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Long Beach Sexual Harassment Lawyer

No one needs to tolerate workplace harassment, which is a violation of California employment laws. If you have been forced to endure workplace sexual harassment or other forms of wrongdoing while at work, you can and should fight back. A Long Beach sexual harassment attorney at the law firm of Harris Grombchevsky LLP can help you file a claim or lawsuit to remedy any illegal workplace practices and to recover compensation for damages. We offer a confidential free and confidential case evaluation in which you can discuss your situation with a lawyer to determine if you have a viable case which should be pursued through the courts.

Defending Clients in the Workplace in Long Beach, California

Our firm handles all types of cases involving employment law and the rights of employees. We have been serving the needs of employees in Long Beach and Southern California since 1925. As a result of this, we have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding and familiarity with how to get results in cases of workplace sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advances, hostile work environments, gender discrimination, discrimination claims, retaliation claims, wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, severance agreements and lay-offs, employer duty to accommodate medical conditions, and cases of sexual abuse. In any case of workplace harassment that our firm takes on, a Long Beach sexual harassment attorney will provide dedicated and capable legal representation to help you achieve the best possible results. Get the help you need from a law firm dedicated to your rights and dignity in the workplace today.

Contact a Long Beach sexual harassment lawyer at the firm for experienced legal assistance with workplace harassment today.

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